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{June 18, 2010}   Types of Manga

We would like the first article here to introduce the reader to the various styles of manga. There are mainly six different kinds of manga.


The first is Shoujo, which is meant for girls. It focuses on romantic stories, thought it can have other elements.


Josei manga can be described as the grown up version of Shoujo. While Shoujo is targeted at teenage girls, Josei’s target audience includes adult women. It’s stories, correspondingly, revolve around romances involving adults.


Shounen can be described as the boy-targeted equivalent of Shoujo, since it focuses more on fights. It, too, might have other elements.


Seinen is another form of Japanese cartoons that targets people interested in sports. They usually contain much less violence than Shounen manga.


Yaoi or Slash manga covers male relationships, sexual and otherwise. This category, too, is mainly targeted at female audiences, though it has significant male readership. It contains plenty of pornographic material, making the reader base mainly adults and teens.


Ecchi or Hentai manga is popularly known for pornographic elements. The reader base consists of adults or teens.

In general, manga contains plenty of material with violent and sexual undertones.

In future articles, we have a lot more manga to cover! We hope that by reading this blog, readers will have a more comprehensive idea of manga, and those who, till now, had very little exposure to it, will be converted to fans of this beautiful category of cartoons.


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