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Battle Royale 1

Last week we wrote about manga controversies in print publications. But are controversies limited to print media? Definitely not! Controversies have also arisen in video games based on manga.

Consider, for example, the Battle Royale 1 video game based on manga. The premise is simple; there are a bunch of 9th grade students stuck on an island that need to survive. But then it gets really twisted. The only way to survive is to kill the other kids, or you will get killed by the explosive collar around your neck. Needless to say, parents weren’t exactly thrilled when this game hit the shelves.

Even way back in 1986, there was no dearth of controversial games. Takeshi no Chousen featured an office worker who sets out to find treasure. But first, he has to quit his office job and become a drunkard! Oh, and he has to get a divorce too, all as part of the storyline.

Japan is indeed no stranger to games that involve rewarding the player for rapes, thefts and other anti-social activities. Games like these are probably what prompted Japanese Software Group to ban its members from making games that contain a lot of sexually explicit material.


{January 28, 2010}   Lets get this blog on the road

How does this sound? yesterday my best friend bought me a cool new pad where you can draw with a pencil and get the picture on the PC… very very very cool.

So i’ve started learning how to draw on this pad, and it’s going rather well, I hope to get some new graphics done soon.

But till then, here are one of my favorites drawings… no colors, simple but i like it:

et cetera