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{June 24, 2010}   Manga Controversies

With the freely talked about sex and violence in manga comics, it comes as little surprise that these comic books have been involved in countless manga controversies.

One of the most popular is the Kodomo no Jikan, whose story revolves around a grade school teacher who has to handle a female student having a crush on him. The relationship between the two central characters in the manga book kept the comic from releasing in North America, where such content was controversial.

Kodomo no Jikan

Or consider the case of Angel, which depicted the central character in numerous sexual activities. In France, the manga was straightforward banned from exhibition is stores. In Japan, too, it was temporarily suspended.

The very question of whether reading manga is an unpatriotic act has been a matter of popular debate in China, adding to the manga controversies. Chinese teenagers are torn between love for their nation and the love for Japanese manga. China and Japan, as nations, do not always get along well.

Adding to all these manga controversies is Chip Kidd who, just a couple of years back, released a manga comic featuring a variation of Batman, and titled it Bat-Manga: The secret history of Batman in Japan. Needless to say, he was flamed on countless numerous boards for not giving credit to Jiro Kuwata, who originally created the comics that Chip Kidd had created.

It seems that manga controversies have emerged not just for their content, but also because of the way the content is presented. The last two examples prove that controversies can even emerge without having anything to do with the manga content itself.


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